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BORM’s commitment goes beyond our clients’ expectations. Knowing that cost effective construction (reducing costs, increasing consumer value and quality) is the primary goal of our clients, we offer a comprehensive and unique value engineering program.


Our extensive knowledge of both design and construction enables us to work closely with architects, consultants, builders and developers to deliver superior projects on time and on budget.  We have sought out the best talent and network with top consultants to provide our ever expanding line of services.


By stepping outside the traditional role of structural engineer, we advise our clients how to create homes without compromising the architectural intent. Our new offerings have been well received by our clients in California.

  • Comprehensive Structural Engineering Services

  • Project Management

  • CA Senate Bill 721 & 326

  • Research and Development

  • CPR Services

The ever-expanding services we offer are invaluable for the production of quality homes.  We currently provide:



We provide cost effective designs and solutions, one project at a time.

Our extensive knowledge of both design and construction enables us to work closely with builders to reduce construction costs and minimize errors & omissions.


We coordinate a series of team meetings for each project, in which the use of less expensive products, minor floor plan or elevation modifications, and other important issues are addressed. 

CPR Services

  • Client Assist

    • Assist and monitor from inception through completion of construction documents

  • Project & Peer Review

    • Identify cost saving items, glaring errors & omissions

  • Reduce Costs

    • Qualify and quantify savings

  • Product programming review

    • Quantitative organization analysis of plan types against market analysis

  • Constructability efficiency standards and review

  • Construction Document Quality peer review

  • Recommendations for cost effective solutions

Our CPR services focuses on Constructability, Reducing Construction Costs
while maintaining aesthetics and adding consumer value.
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